Porsche 962-004BM

Competition Group: C

Constructed For: Brun Motorsports, Germany

Ownership History: Brun Motorsports

Competition Highlights:

Chassis Notes:
This is the ex Brun team Porsche 962C,chassis '004BM'. It was campaigned in Europe, the US and Japan through 1989-90 and first appeared in the Alpha livery. Subsequently the car competed in Jagermeister, Repsol, Torno and Eterna colours.

Walter Brun's organisation developed its own Porsche 962 variants in conjunction with John Thompson's TC Prototypes company, employing Formula 1 experience and techniques, their aluminium honeycomb/carbon composite chassis proving stiffer than the standard factory aluminium fabrications. Brun Motorsport often ran as many as three cars in each event, sometimes each in their own individual sponsorship livery. Brun Motorsport won the FIA World Sports Prototype Championship of Teams in 1986 - beating both the rival Joest and Porsche factory teams. Brun Porsches contested every Le Mans 24-Hour race from 1984-1991, finishing 2nd overall in 1986. Brun race engines were built and maintained by Porsche Motorsport in Stuttgart.

This identifying serial is recorded as having been the Brun entry which finished third in the Trofeo Repsol FIA World Championship round held at the Jarama circuit, Madrid, Spain, in June 1989 - driven by Oscar Larrauri and Jesus Pareja. It also placed ninth in that same year's Brands Hatch Trophy race here in England, co-driven by Schaefer/Lechner. It has a twin KKK-turbocharged 3-litre flat- six, fully water cooled engine in Group C configuration.. It has Bosch Motronic fuel injection, twin overhead camshafts per cylinder bank, and titanium con rods.

Brun Motorsport Group C cars rarely appear upon the open market and this is a momentous opportunity to acquire '004BM' - the 'Eterna' 962.


12.3.1989 500 km Fuji Larrauri/Brun Alpha Racing with Brun 3rd

9.4.1989 480 km Suzuka Brun / Pareja Repsol Brun Motorsport 18th

30.4.1989 Supercup Nurburgring Walter Brun Jagermeister-Brun-Motorsport DNF

21.5.1989 480 km Dijon Brun / Pareja Repsol Brun Motorsport 13th

25.6.1989 480 km Jarama Larrauri / Pareja Repsol Brun Motorsport 3rd

23.7.1989 480 km Brands Hatch Schafer / Lechner Hydro/Eterna Watches Brun Motorsport 9th

8.10.1989 1000 km Fuji Larrauri / Sandro Sala The Alpha Racing With Brun 17th

Fuji 1000 Kilometres 1989

World Sports Prototype Championship Brands Hatch 1989

World Sports Prototype Championship Jarama 1989